Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mother Earth is maybe going to be heal

My survey revealed that 91% of the people feel concern about the environment. People seem like they are ready to help for global warming; 100% of them are recycling and almost 50% are using public transportations, but people don’t seem ready to pay to help though; at least, not for hybrid cars. Although the high percentage of people who are taking the public transportation, people are still more willing to take their cars than to take the bus and car sharing is not very popular. Finally, government programs that were shown in the survey were almost all known and people knew what it was they didn’t only knew the name; Kyoto protocol was the most known.

Friday, November 14, 2008

My survey abstract (American elections)

The findings revealed that half of the students’ job doesn’t involve American products. Regarding the economic crisis, none of the students think that they have to change their career, although, it will be harder to get a job for 47% of them. Even if 3 students didn’t answer the question, more than 87% of the others chose the Democrats for a positive impact on Canada overall. The students answered at 53% that the Canada’s economy wouldn’t survive without the U.S. Two people don’t know who are the Republicans and Democrats, but 70% of the rest answered that there is a difference between them. Most of the students think that a future American government could improve the earth’s health. More than 60% think that Democrats offer a better future. The students answered at 59% that Canada and Central American shouldn’t have a 5% (or more) right to vote for the U.S. elections. About 80% think Barack Obama cares more about us and if they had the right to, they would vote for the democrats.

P.S. Obama won the elections :D !

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Dreamtech Clones R us

Dreamtech Clones R Us
Everytime you visit a website you should take attention to some detais like the author of the website and what talk about the website. A simple visit to http://www.d-b.net/dti/ website tell you how people try to make money whit stupids thing. The http://www.d-b.net/dti/ is a clone website where you can buy a clone of you want if you have the license or you pay the licensing fee. In example you can buy Nelson Mandela license, their bestseller for 6,999.00$ and the laboratory is 5000$. For 11,999$ you can have a Nelson Mandela. When you look their faq you can learn that having a clone can be your solution if you can have chid. After completing all the thing the website ask me for my Nelson Mandela I clik continu and a internal server error page appear just to confirm me how fake this website is.

Mac Rumors vs National Geographic

The two websites i'm going to compare are National Geographic's website (www.nationalgeographic.com) and Mac Rumors (www.macrumors.com). First of all, when you load the page on your browsers, you can automatically notice that the interface is pretty different. On National Geographic's website you can easily see that the autor of the website engaged a graphist to conceive the interface whereas Mac Rumors is more "rough". Also, NG is a monthly distributed magazine and the people that write articles in it are reliable people, they are scientists engaged for this magazine. Mac Rumors, as the title of the site tells us, consist as rumors that normal people write because they heard it. The difference between informations given by normal people like us and scientists is easy to understand. That's the reason why we can't trust Mac Rumors informations.

In conclusion, when you look at a website, you can, at first view, see if it’s reliable or not cause reliable websites usually give a little bit of importance to the website’s graphism. You also have to look if the people who are writing the articles are people that really know the real informations.

Clone R fake

You don't need to go far in your research to know that human clone is an illegal practice. The website "Clones R us"(http://www.d-b.net/dti/) is obvious fake not only it sounds fake and not professional it's also unreal. Who would clone an early Michael Jackson? To make it worse they even listed the price for different clone genes. I just grind a bit deeper and try to order a Michael Jackson clone but guess what, When I click order they send me to an error page. From that point on you can see how serious they are. They aren't even trying to rip you so what is the level of the seriousness. Above all, the website presentation of itself is amazingly incomplete that make you want to edit it for them. They got not information of how to contact them for more information. They have those professional picture of the doctors and laboratories but the location that they give are not compatibles the reality. What I meant it be real and try to ask yourself does it makes sense before you judge the website reliable.

Monday, September 22, 2008

How to recognize reliable websites

When you're doing a research it’s not always easy to gather reliable information. Your first impression is not 100% accurate, but it can help to the separate junk of the gold. When I first looked at the boilerplate website, I already knew that there was something wrong. The second thing that I’ve checked is the website root ( www.bigredhair.com ), and it didn’t seem trustworthy either. Another point that you need to verify is the content: does it sounds professional? The boilerplate website content is ridiculous and the pictures have no serious at all. One last thing you may like to check is the website creation model, if it looks like a 15 minutes free creator, it can give you a good idea how reliable is the content.

Buy Dehydrated Water

Buydehydratedwater.com is a website destined to convince you to buy dehydrated water, it has a typical way of information: online shop, jobs, few testimonials of the amazing resultats of the products, you can also contact whit them to its headquarter. Nevertheless, there is no sign of the source of the information, all we can see is an accustive and warning content about the water we use to drink everyday; telling us dehydrated water is the best choice ever.
The site was modificated tha January 26th, so the information are enough recent, even if the information don't seem to be truted. At the bottom of the page, we can see a few ads where you can acces to see the products that you can use to obtain dehydrated water. Because of the lack of sources and the vast sale information of the site we could say it is not a very reliable site.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Collaborative Blog

Hello class,
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